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PÖTTINGER is building a fourth plant

New assembly plant for the IMPRESS and TOP

On 30 April 2020, the ground-breaking ceremony took place for a new plant in St. Georgen, just 5 km away from the company’s headquarters in Grieskirchen (AT). In the presence of the two owners – Heinz and Klaus Pöttinger – the Management Team officially launched the start to construction.

Despite the challenging situation at the moment, PÖTTINGER is sticking to its ambitious expansion plans and the new plant is due to open following a building phase of just over a year. An investment of EUR 25 million will see an assembly plant with a floor space of 6,300 sqm built during the first construction phase. Assembly of IMPRESS round balers and TOP 4-rotor rakes will start there in early summer 2021 at the latest.


More Success with PÖTTINGER

With a success story that goes back almost 150 years, the history of the Grieskirchen-based agricultural machinery manufacturer shows how success can be harvested: When almost 2,000 dedicated employees worldwide, an innovative product range and a visionary entrepreneurial spirit work together perfectly. Now they are writing the next chapter: with the headquarters in Grieskirchen (AT) focusing on grassland implements, the seed drill technology factory in Bernburg (DE) and the tillage competence centre in Vodnany (CZ), PÖTTINGER is now expanding its expertise in grassland even further by opening another plant in Austria.

Further expansion has become necessary given the worldwide success achieved through continuous internationalisation. On the one hand, the increase in sales volumes has led to bottlenecks on the production line. On the other, the increasing demand for even larger agricultural machines has accentuated the situation. Further expansion at headquarters is not possible due to lack of space. The assembly line currently being leased just outside Grieskirchen will be needed for other purposes starting next year. The site in St. Georgen is an ideal location that offers further expansion opportunities.


All good things come in threes

The company still intends to go ahead with this investment despite the current situation. The laying of the foundation stone for the new plant sees PÖTTINGER starting its third construction project in its home country of Austria. This follows the expansion of the plant in Grieskirchen and the building of the new spare parts logistics centre in Taufkirchen. A modern plant will be built on the industrial site, blending harmoniously into the landscape. Great importance is attached to environmentally friendly architecture featuring green roofs, generous green spaces and wood as a building material.


Investment in the future

The Management Team channels the company’s activities into healthy economic growth, expansion of its competence as a grassland specialist and creating attractive jobs. “The market defines the progress of expansion phases”, explains Jörg Lechner, the Managing Director responsible for this construction project. “We planned these investments to be cost-effective while keeping an eye on the road ahead.” A 6,300 sqm assembly line plant is to be built on the 17-hectare site for the time being. Plans for ongoing flexible expansion are already in place.


The best forage

The latest addition to PÖTTINGER’s extended family of products is the IMPRESS round baler. Its new home will be at the new plant in St. Georgen, along with the large 4-rotor rakes. Subsequent expansion phases will include an assembly line for the largest grassland machines.

The number of employees needed at the new plant will naturally increase as each phase of expansion develops. A large proportion will consist of a proven team who have the expertise to assemble these machines to the highest quality specifications.


Living agricultural technology

The pioneering company intends to stay on course despite the current situation. “In the new plant, we will promote living agricultural engineering to the full. Special attention will be paid to maintaining the usual high product quality to achieve the best work results, an ergonomic working environment for the employees and an environmentally friendly building. The investment of EUR 25 million in the first stage of construction is a carefully-planned milestone on the road to further success for PÖTTINGER”, says Gregor Dietachmayr (Speaker of the Execute Board).

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PÖTTINGER: Continuity with new Management Team

Heinz Pöttinger announced in mid-January 2018 that he will move from operative management of the company to the supervisory board

The new Managing Directors were confirmed at the general meeting on 26 January 2018: the experienced five Managing Directors share a commitment and pleasure in driving the development of the company forward through expanding production capacity, digitalisation and ongoing internationalisation to generate sales growth.

When Klaus Pöttinger stepped down from operative management, three new Managing Directors were appointed by the supervisory board. Together with Heinz Pöttinger they have continued to steer the company on course for success. This proven team will remain in place to ensure continuity in furthering this extremely successful development: Gregor Dietachmayr is responsible for Sales and Marketing and has been appointed as the Spokesperson for the Management Team. Jörg Lechner continues to be responsible for Production at all manufacturing plants – Grieskirchen (AT), Bernburg (DE) and Vodnany (CZ) – and Procurement for the whole company group. Dr. Markus Baldinger is Managing Director for Research & Development and Digitalisation. The business divisions that have been managed by Heinz Pöttinger so far have now been made the responsibility of the new Managing Directors: Herbert Wagnertakes over Human Resources & IT and Wolfgang Moser is now responsible for Finance, Controlling and Corporate Quality.

PÖTTINGER was founded as an agricultural engineering company in 1871 and stands for fair partnerships and reliable, sincere business relationships. The dynamic new Management Team of the family-owned company is committed to promoting important key values such as transparency, credibility, sustainability and team spirit. Working together constructively is the declared objective to ensure the continuity of the company.

“Together, we have proven over the past years, that we have successfully handled the important issues in all business sectors with foresight and professionalism. We have managed to create a very positive environment. Based on the trustful collaboration with the proprietors and the supervisory board we want to continue on our successful course”, explains Gregor Dietachmayr, the new Spokesperson for the Management Team.

PÖTTINGER is an Austrian family-owned business that will continue to remain in sole ownership of the family. The team of five new, highly dynamic Managing Directors see their central role in promoting the ongoing partnership between employees and customers and the future-oriented development of innovative products for achieving excellent working results.

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Swath merging without conditioners

The NOVACAT 352 and NOVACAT A10 are available with CROSS FLOW

The latest development from PÖTTINGER enables swaths to be merged for the first time without a conditioner: thanks to the new cross conveyor auger the swath is merged immediately after mowing. The NOVACAT 352 and NOVACAT A10 are available with CROSS FLOW.

Feedback from the field was the basis for this development, following demands for a cost-effective and straightforward system for swath merging that would also be suit-able for simple rear-mounted mowers. PÖTTINGER makes it possible with the new CF (CROSS FLOW) cross conveyor auger that merges the forage to form one swath right after mowing. The closed design prevents forage losses. The benefits of these savings in diesel costs are clear. As a result, PÖTTINGER offers an attractive, cost-effective alternative to trailed mowers. The new technology ensures there is no ground contact and consequently no forage contamination. One great advantage of CROSS FLOW in terms of efficiency is that subsequent swathing is no longer necessary: harvesting is performed by the baler or loader wagon itself. In the event of an additional swathing pass, four swaths are then efficiently deposited on a swath measuring approximately 13 metres.
The flexibility of this system is unique: the CROSS FLOW auger can be opened by hand.  This offers the highest level of flexibility for farms that only need swath merg-ing for one crop (forage rye, for example).

Unique drive technology

The CROSS FLOW system is driven by the outer mower disc, a second gearbox on the outside, three V-belts and a double universal joint. What is unique is the diago-nally arranged auger with its increasing pitch windings. This design enables large volumes of forage to be continuously conveyed to the side. Uniform swath formation is guaranteed as a result.

Neat work

A clean field, clean forage and no losses – that is neat work. The enclosed casing of the CROSS FLOW prevents losses: 100 percent of the mowed crop reaches the swath. This technology is perfect, especially for forage rye. An additional swath cur-tain is also available for a narrower swath. Wide placement of the forage is also pos-sible by simply opening the casing.

Increases efficiency of harvest chain

Merging the swath from the rear mower unit can enable much higher output and an increase in efficiency for the whole harvest chain. Swath merging creates high den-sity, even during the third or fourth cut. This way, you can harvest as much forage with a working width of only 3.46 m as with a small centre-swath rake (12 m).

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TORRO – two new COMBILINE models

The TORRO COMBILINE series now includes two larger models, the TORRO 7010 and the TORRO 8010

The TORRO COMBILINE series now includes two larger models that feature the same proven characteristics of the entire family: the TORRO 7010 with a DIN loading volume of 40 m³ (L) and 38.5 m³ (D) and the TORRO 8010 with a DIN loading volume of 43 m³ (L) and 42 m³ (D). Thanks to an optimum price-performance ratio and high output, the new TORRO COMBILINE models offer the highest level of cost effectiveness.

New beater drives – unloading in record time
The new TORRO COMBILINE models are truly impressive performers: thanks to the new beater drive line with an output power of 160 kW (translates into 1700 Nm of torque), all TORRO and JUMBO COMBILINE models can now unload in record time. This leaves more time for compaction in the clamp for quality silage: in addition to high efficiency, the new beater driveline ensures uniform unloading to provide an optimum build-up of layers in the silage. Precise distribution enables the best rolling work.

4 tonne drawbar
All TORRO COMBILINE models are available with an optional 4 tonne drawbar. The high drawbar load provides improved traction in the field and in the clamp and increases the reliability of the loader wagon. It also enables a heavier load to be transported, which has a positive effect on the productivity of the loader wagon. There are different equipment options available for adaptation to the specific requirements.

New level of convenience
The new loader wagon models have a new side control concept. The side-mounted control panel with its new control platform using a CAN-BUS system, offers a good overview of all additional functions such as the knife bank, AUTOCUT, scraper floor and as a NEW feature, easy hitching and unhitching of the loader wagon with the tractor.

Enhanced safety thanks to driver assist system – intelligent trailed axles
The new TORRO COMBILINE can be equipped with an optional driver assist system (intelligent trailed axles), which in addition to integrated sensors for driving speed and driving direction also has a steering angle sensor. In automatic mode the axle is locked so that it steers straight when reversing at a speed that is adjustable between 0 and 25 kph (also at 0-3 kph in the clamp during unloading in automatic mode) and also when driving along an incline or slope. In addition, the driver can preset a threshold 1 to lock the steered axle on the slope as well as a threshold 2 for a maximum incline, above which a warning is displayed on the screen. The driver then knows that action is needed to prevent a risk of tipping over.

The main advantages of the new driver assist system are clear: it enhances safety and adds convenience. On the one hand it is no longer possible for the axle to off-track while reversing, and on the other hand it is not possible to forget to lock the axle when driving with the loader wagon at higher speeds (during transport, for example). Off-tracking and slipping are also prevented when driving along slopes so that driving performance is improved. Moreover, a tighter steering angle is possible thanks to more clearance at the front end of the wagon. Automatic activation of the steering lock means increased convenience with less chance of forgetting a work sequence.
The driver assist system is only available together with the POWER CONTROL terminal and load sensing.

Cross conveyor belt for the highest unloading performance
An optional cross conveyor belt is available for all models of the new TORRO COMBILINE. Thanks to its large side opening, the cross conveyor belt enables a very high unloading capacity and contributes to the cost effectiveness of the loader wagon. A curtain covers the end of the conveyor belt that is not being used. A third beater rotor is also available as an option.

The cross conveyor belt is characterised not only by its reliability but also by its flexible range of uses: from classic applications through to zero grazing mowing and unloading, the TORRO COMBILINE is a powerful performer in every role.

Electronic controlled steering
For chassis with leaf springs and a load capacity above 18 tonnes, there is optional electronic steering. The 3 tonne drawbar is linked to a strong track rod with turning angle sensor. The machine is easy to connect up and detach. The axles can be locked using the control terminal. The electronic controlled steering can only be used in connection with a POWER CONTROL terminal and load sensing hydraulics.

Dynamic weighing system
The new weighing system allows dynamic weight display (approximate value, net weight of load) while driving. Moreover, the maximum load of the wagon can be preset and displayed. The display turns red and a warning signal sounds if this weight is exceeded. The system is operated using a POWER CONTROL terminal, and new 32-bit hardware enables it to be used without ISOBUS.

DURASTAR loader wagon knives
The new DURASTAR loader wagon knives have a hard and wear-resistant cutting edge, resulting in a greatly extended service life. This ensures the highest cost effectiveness. The high material quality is perfectly matched to high capacities: the special steel used combines the very good hardness and wear-resistance properties of spring steel with the toughness of boron steels. The tough hardness rating of 50-53 HRC provides exceptional strength and the material thickness of 6 mm ensures an extended service life while reducing the risk of knife breakage. The special blade and knife shape create a self-sharpening effect for durable, smooth operation, lower fuel consumption and higher chopping quality.



TORRO COMBILINE 2 in 1 loader wagon technology
Power requirement 160 to 300 hp – volume 30.5 to 35 m³