PÖTTINGER: Continuity with new Management Team

Heinz Pöttinger announced in mid-January 2018 that he will move from operative management of the company to the supervisory board

The new Managing Directors were confirmed at the general meeting on 26 January 2018: the experienced five Managing Directors share a commitment and pleasure in driving the development of the company forward through expanding production capacity, digitalisation and ongoing internationalisation to generate sales growth.

When Klaus Pöttinger stepped down from operative management, three new Managing Directors were appointed by the supervisory board. Together with Heinz Pöttinger they have continued to steer the company on course for success. This proven team will remain in place to ensure continuity in furthering this extremely successful development: Gregor Dietachmayr is responsible for Sales and Marketing and has been appointed as the Spokesperson for the Management Team. Jörg Lechner continues to be responsible for Production at all manufacturing plants – Grieskirchen (AT), Bernburg (DE) and Vodnany (CZ) – and Procurement for the whole company group. Dr. Markus Baldinger is Managing Director for Research & Development and Digitalisation. The business divisions that have been managed by Heinz Pöttinger so far have now been made the responsibility of the new Managing Directors: Herbert Wagnertakes over Human Resources & IT and Wolfgang Moser is now responsible for Finance, Controlling and Corporate Quality.

PÖTTINGER was founded as an agricultural engineering company in 1871 and stands for fair partnerships and reliable, sincere business relationships. The dynamic new Management Team of the family-owned company is committed to promoting important key values such as transparency, credibility, sustainability and team spirit. Working together constructively is the declared objective to ensure the continuity of the company.

“Together, we have proven over the past years, that we have successfully handled the important issues in all business sectors with foresight and professionalism. We have managed to create a very positive environment. Based on the trustful collaboration with the proprietors and the supervisory board we want to continue on our successful course”, explains Gregor Dietachmayr, the new Spokesperson for the Management Team.

PÖTTINGER is an Austrian family-owned business that will continue to remain in sole ownership of the family. The team of five new, highly dynamic Managing Directors see their central role in promoting the ongoing partnership between employees and customers and the future-oriented development of innovative products for achieving excellent working results.